Fire and flood-shed

Fire and Flood Restoration

Constructco is known for one of the best fire and flood restoration companies in Montreal. At Constructco we have a team of fire and flood restoration specialists, we have a good hand on handling the worst situations of flood and water damage. Our team knows how to handle these types of situations very well. Especially, we provide our services in the Montreal area. Since 2010, Constructco is providing fire and flood restoration services in Montreal. We have a good connection with the insurance companies too, so you can definitely rely on us.

Let’s see the difference between fire and flood restoration

Fire damage causes several damages to our residential home like structural decimation, color damage, interior and furnishing damage, loss of important documents, etc. Fire damage restoration needs lots of work, our team will come to you and you have to tell them the few important things and after that, you don’t have to worry about anything. Constructco knows such type of situation is devastating and that’s why we are here to help you in every stage of this journey.

Flood is a natural disaster, a human can’t do anything about it. But we can be ready for this type of situation so that we can survive. Due to flood several people die, property gets damaged. Very heart-broken situation. Constructco handling this type of situation since 2010 and we make sure that you will get full benefits.